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Frequently asked Questions:

How long does it take, for Activating my Account?
The Account is active after you clicked on the Confirmation Link which was sent to you per Mail after your Registration.

Is it free for commercial Use?

Can i register more than one Account?
Sure, no Problem!

Do you allow Erotic-Contents?
Yes, we do as long as they are not against the Law.

Can i create Subdirs?
Yes. You can create many Sublists in the First-Level.

What can i do, when my Webspace is full?
Please send us an E-Mail, maybe we can give you more Webspace.

Is there an Upload-Size-Limit?
It's limited by 1 MB.

Can i upload my Files per FTP?
No, you have to upload your Files through your personal Admin-Area.

Can i edit my Site online?
Yes, you can do this in your personal Admin Area.

I couldn't find my Question in this FAQ!
Send us your Questions.

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